What are the perks of PairElite Plus?


PairElite Plus comes with many perks some of which are:

  • Apply for unlimited jobs.
  • Pick and choose the projects that excites you the most.
  • Get ranked higher and get discovered by brands.
  • Earn more profile points and get a $10,000 reward bonus once you hit 3,000 points. Plus, points help models stand out and help with additional algorithm ranking.
  • Automatically enter our PairElite models only giveaways, where we randomly pick one winner every couple of weeks to win a highly sought after fashion items and cash prizes.
  • Get a PairElite Choice stamp on your profile to stand out.
  • Get VIP support.
  • Access up to 70% off coupon code discounts from your favorite fashion brands. Through PairElite brands partnership!


Any question on how to become a PairElite Plus talent contact us at Support@pairelite.com.

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